What are the benefits and uses of Saffron?

Saffron is a spice which is basically used as a flavoring agent; however, it has lot more uses. Many of uses are beneficial for your health, skin, and body. Here are the few most important uses that Saffron has:

  • There are lots of people that are suffering from a disease called Alzheimer. It has been found that if one consumes saffron for 22 weeks regularly, he will see lots of improvement in his body for the symptoms of Alzheimer.
  • There are lots of people around the world that have added Saffron oil in their diets. Saffron oil helps a person to lose weight and maintain a good diet thus you will get a better fitness.
  • It has been both scientifically and historically proved that Saffron can be very beneficial for your skin for fairer skin, treatment of acne etc.
  • Saffron also helps in healing any kinds of wound quickly. Historically it has been found that warriors used to apply Saffron extracts on the body where they have got injured from and soon they used to get recovered from the wound.
  • If you are worried about losing plenty of your hair daily, then there is a solution for you as well. You need to mix saffron with milk on the spots where you are thinking you are losing most hair from and sooner you will hair will start the regrowth from that specific area.
  • We have seen people using lots of anti-depressants whenever they go through any kinds of stress or worry in their lives. However, these anti-depressants have lots of side effects with them and should not be consumed regularly as suggested by various doctors. So, for all the people going through any kinds of depression, we have a solution for you as you can take saffron as an anti-depressant with which you will get rid of your depression in some time and moreover there aren’t any hidden side effects in consumption of Saffron.
  • It has also been found that consuming saffron in your diets also enhance your athletic ability and decrease your fatigue level while performing regularly. Though there aren’t pure evidence found about this particular use, but lots of athletes have revealed that they consume Saffron in their diets to enhance their athletic power.
  • With the increased use of technology, people nowadays are having a common problem named Insomnia, in which the person tries to sleep but he is not able to sleep, using Saffron will help you get rid of this problem too.