How to grow Saffron at your homes?

Saffron is known to be one of the most used spices historically due to its lots of health benefits as well as other uses. It has been observed that if we weigh Saffron against Gold and price them together, Saffron will be more expensive than gold. This is due to the various powers Saffron contains. But due to the price that it has, a person gets confused that whether he will be able to grow this expensive spice at his home or not. Well, the answer is yes as it can be easily grown in your homes as well. Here is how.

Saffron plants need a draining soil and lots of sunlight and if it is planted in a poor draining soil the plant will rot. Make sure that while planting Saffron, you need to keep the plants apart from each other at a distance of almost 6 inches and you should bury them under the ground for almost 3 to 5 inches which will give you the best results after some time. Make sure that you plant lots of saffron plants in the area that you have decided because 50 saffron flowers will give you saffron equal to 1 teaspoon which is very less, so if you want to have lots of saffron in your garden, make sure that you have planted lots of Saffron flowers in your garden.

After the crocus has been planted, the amount of care they need is very less. They can be fertilized as well if you want to; however, they can be grown without any kind of fertilization as well. If you feel that there isn’t a lot of rainfall in your area for a certain time, you can water them regularly. But if you stay in an area of a good amount of rain falls then adding water to them is not necessary.

So you can clearly see that there aren’t any kinds of complications involved in growing the Saffron at home and all it needs it a little amount of care and good draining soil to produce the best saffron. However, while picking the Saffron stigmas from the flowers make sure that you take them out in the best manner as if the flower or stigmas inside gets spoiled once, they wouldn’t have the same kind of saffron as other stigmas will offer. So now that you know how to grow saffron, make sure you plant some saffron crocus in your garden.