How to make saffron rice and how it is best for your health?

We know that Saffron has lots of uses and benefits due to which even it is very expensive it has been used by several people around the world. There are lots of health problems that can be resolved by Saffron. Hence, people have started adding Saffron to various foods or food items. Saffron Oil is there which is good for cooking; now here we will tell you about Saffron Rice. We know that usual white rice contains lots of calories and carbohydrates in them which are not good for health, thus people started eating brown rice. But for lots of people Brown rice is not as tasty as they want and also it takes lots of time to cook brown rice. Thus people have now opted for Saffron rice, which is very easy to cook and have lots of health benefits added to it. For people who are not aware of Saffron rice, here we will tell you about an easy to cook recipe first and then will tell you about some of its benefits. There are lots of ways in which you can try Saffron rice.

Saffron rice is basically a dish in which you need some white rice and saffron to give an essence to it. But there are lots of ways in which you can make the saffron rice. You can add some meat and chicken to the rice as well, you can leave it as simple as you want or as complicated as you want, in the end, Saffron will be there, just to add some essence and some taste to it.

Here is a recipe to make saffron rice with meat

In a bowl, crush the saffron threads in 2 spoons of hot water and stir for some time, until you start feeling a fragrance of it.

Then, you need to add some rice, meat and saffron water into a cooker. You can take any kinds of rice or meat for adding into it. If you don’t have a cooker, any kinds of pan or utensil can do your work easily. Add all the other ingredients that you want accordingly like Red chili powder or salt or turmeric powder etc. Let them cook for around 20 minutes, then you need to open the cooker and stir for some time and then again leave them to cook for around 10 minutes and your rice is ready to be eaten.

Saffron rice is very important and useful for your health as it becomes very digestive by adding saffron to any kind of rice.