What is the origin of Saffron, how it came to notice?

Saffron has always been a spice that has been used for several purposes by a human due to its lots of uses. We use it as a flavoring agent, we use it as an anti-depressant, we use it as cooking oil, and we use it as a skin treatment and many other purposes. But are we actually known about the history of Saffron? If no, then here we are telling you about the history or you can say about the origination of Saffron.

Historically the word saffron came from Latin word Safranum via 12th-century old term named Safran. The word has appeared in bible most importantly, so one can determine its history from there as well as it can be observed that the word Saffron was originated even before the Bible was written. According to an ancient legend, the origin of this plant has come from a friend of God Hermes named Crocus. It has also been found that while both the friends were playing disk together, Hermes injured his beloved friend Crocus on the forehead and Crocus got a serious injury and it has been found that a flower originated from the blood injury Crocus had. Crocus took born with Greek myth. The word Crocus Satives, which is a Latin word was originated from Greek Krokos, which means a flake or botanically correct filament. However the word saffron came from the Arabic word Zahafaran which actually came from the word assfar that has a meaning yellow. Saffron is not a seasonal plant and it is a yearly plant that can be grown throughout the year with the same quality. When the plant grows, it becomes a beautiful flower with deep blue or purple colored petals but the most important thing that the flower carries is the stigmas that velvet red in color adorned with stamen.

This was how Saffron got originated as the Greek Crocus got injured while playing which gave birth to a flower from which we get to see some velvet colored stigmas, drying which we will get pure saffron.

It can be clearly seen that Saffron had been used as a wound healer historically as it is mentioned in several wars and fights that warriors used to heal their injuries with the help of Saffron. However, as the years passed by, people started consuming it as a flavoring agent and adding saffron to various foods offer us a delicious dish.