What is the process included in growing Saffron?

Though saffron is known as red gold due to its expensive price, yet it is very simple for anyone to grow saffron. The price of saffron is up not because it is very difficult to grow, but it is up because the intense amount of labor required for its harvesting. Here is the entire procedure of growing Saffron.

Vegetation cycle

As the plants require a lot of direct sunlight to grow initially, the saffron crocus should be planted somewhere around June-July months and should be watered regularly, the flowers and plants will seem growing during the months of October and November and finally with lots of efforts made, the flowers will be ready during the month of May.

Soil required

To grow saffron, it is really important to plant the flowers in a very well-drained soil and the soil with a heavy amount of clay should be avoided. The ideal type of soil is the one which has neutral soil with a PH of 6 to 8. If you are planting the crocus in a small area or garden, then improving the soil condition is very easy by adding some sandy or clay particles in the soil. Make sure that you place the saffron bed in direct sunlight.

Setting out the saffron bed

Saffron corms can either be placed directly on the ground or in some pots or window boxes. The corms should be placed underneath the ground at around 10 to 15 cms with a distance of 10 cms from each other. Water is not necessary for this process as the rain will do the work, however, if there is a complete drought in your area, you can add some amount of water.

Precautions to be taken – Make sure you have an eye on mice and rabbits as they love these corms during the winter as well in the summer seasons which can result in your huge loss. However, you need to apply some medicines or some caves that can take them away from the plants. Another thing, you need to make sure is that you need to protect the plants from three fungal diseases named Rhizoctonia Crocorum, Fusarium, and Violette root rot.

The flowers usually are ready to be harvested during the months of May, and then the 3 long red colored stigmas can be taken out with full care and placed at certain safe places. After that, those stigmas are needed to be dried for a certain period and thus Saffron can be made.