What scientists and nutritionist have to say about Saffron?

As people are in love with Saffron, nutritionists and scientists recently did lots of research about the health facts of Saffron. This research was held to check whether the health benefits the spice promises to offer are there or it is just for promoting this expensive spice. The results came out and it was confirmed that all the health facts about Saffron are true and this expensive spice do offer lots of benefits to your health.

Nutritionists also did lots of research to find out what is special in Saffron that it provides lots of health benefits to its consumers and they found out that 100 grams of saffron contain around 65% of carbohydrates, which helps you keep moving throughout the day, 11% protein, which is an essential part of our diet and only 5% of healthy fat. They also found out that Saffron contains 3.8 grams of dietary fiber as well which is good for our body muscles.

Addition to these nutrients, Saffron also contains lots of mineral and electrolytes that help your health in several ways. The electrolytes that it offers are Sodium and Potassium. The minerals that it offers are Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Selenium, and Zinc. In addition to minerals and electrolytes, the spice contains various vitamins as well like Folates, Niacin, Pyridoxine, Riboflavin, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. With all these minerals and vitamins Saffron do carries a lot of health benefits with it and thus provides below mentioned health benefits.

    • It helps you to stay calm in some depressing situations as well, so all the people that are going through depression problems wouldn’t be having any problems after consuming Saffron.


    • Recently reports have been found that Saffron also helps in fighting with Asthma and to lessen up its symptoms. However, there aren’t proper reports found about this particular health benefit, but persons suffering from the disease have revealed that Saffron has helped them in many ways.


    • Saffron helps in getting rid of various kinds of hair and skin problems, so now you don’t need any kind of creams or chemical oils to fight against your hair or skin problems as the problems can be resolved naturally with the help of Saffron.


  • Scientists have also spotted that Saffron is helpful to kill many of the Cancer symptoms. So it can be very useful for various cancer patients.

All these benefits are scientifically approved hence people use Saffron to kill their various problems.