Why is Saffron a very expensive spice?

Saffron, as we all know, is a spice that is being used by everyone around the world from past several years. Saffron has lots of benefits to offer to people and people use these benefits in the best way. Most of these benefits are for resolving various kinds of diseases.

We all know that Saffron is very expensive and is priced similarly to Gold. People regularly wonder about the fact that why it is very expensive as planting the Saffron Crocus is very easy and every normal person can do that. Well, though planting is very easy, but it requires a lot of hard work to take care of the plant for around a year until the flower gets ready to be plucked. Various kinds of processes are taken place during this interval of one year; the plant is saved from certain fungal diseases, rats and other insects that can affect the quality of Saffron. It is a lot of hard work required in this process too, but the actual intensive hard work lies when harvesting of Saffron is done.

Saffron is contained inside the flowers, i.e. the three red stigmas, later on, become Saffron. But it requires a lot of care to pluck those stigmas out of the flower as a little mistake can ruin the stigmas and hence the entire flower would be wasted. Farmers invest their lots of time in hand picking the saffron as this process cannot be achieved by any kinds of machines. Another noticeable thing is that it requires around 70000 flowers to make 1 pound of Saffron. That means the farmers have to invest for 70,000 flowers first adding water, adding some medicines to avoid insects, adding self-time for it. And after everything, they will be able to generate 1 pound of saffron. Thus they ask for the money for their hard work only which is very genuine as after the harvesting is done. It is required to dry the saffron for certain time and after that packaging of saffron is also done with lots of care so that it doesn’t get any kind of problem by till it reaches the consumer. Due to the lots of care added in its planting, maintaining, harvesting and packaging, it has made it so expensive. But all we know is that Saffron has a lot to offer to its consumers, so it doesn’t matter if it is expensive or not, as people who likes it will definitely buy it for their own benefits.